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2016 Contest Rules

The objective of this contest is the diffusion of the culture of photography, and it is addressed to all those love the confrontation and challenges pursuing a single target: the growth! The competition is non-profit and all revenues will be used for social purposes of the promoter organization.

The contest is open to all professional photographers, students and fans, italians and foreigners, without discrimination of race, religion, nationality or ethnicity.


In order to participate, the author must send 4 pictures all belonging to the same category through this website no later than 15 February, 2016. The long side should be 30 cm at 100 dpi saved in JPG quality 5.

Images must be anonymous and, in case of images relating to advertising campaigns, they must not contain graphic elements outside of the image. The images must have been all made in the last three years (2013-2014-2015).
Participants are guarantors under their responsibility that the entire stage of production and post production was carried out directly by the candidate or under his direction. 2 images showing the same subject cannot be entered in the competition and they shouldn’t even be similar, unless the post production phase does not produces two totally different images. In the event that the author does not follow these conditions, similar images or same subject images will be excluded.
Images may be disqualifyed if considered not eligible at jury discretion.

The images must be straight uploaded on this website when the author signs up. Each photographer can send only four photos for each category. The same author can take part in more than one category (with different images), always sending 4 photos for each category.

Contest registration can be made only through this website.
The website address is:
By mail or email registration will be not accepted.
The purpose of registration is to obtain the author code that will be needed for all of the contest steps. Pictures taking part to the contest will be renamed with a string of text containing the author code. If pictures will be uploaded thorough the website, it will happen automatically.
After sending the registration form, a summary page will be shown.
Please, check the correctness of the data entered. To make any changes, please click back.
To confirm, please click “enter”. After few minutes, an e-mail will be sent to the entered e-mail address. If you don’t receive the confirmation mail please check it in “junk mail” folder.
For a possible search, the sender email address is:

Partecipation fee for Professional:
- one category: € 50
- two categories: € 80
- three categories: € 110
- four or more categorie (up to 7): € 160
- eight or more (up to 15): € 195

Partecipation fee for Students/Amateur:
- one category: € 20
- two categories: € 30
- three categories: € 50
- four or more categorie (up to 7): € 70
- eight or more (up to 15): € 90

The payment can be made by bank transfer, payable to:
Fondo Internazionale per la Fotografia, Video e Comunicazione.
Bank routing numbers:
Filiale of Barletta, Via Renato Coletta, 8-76121 Barletta (BT)
iban IT 72U0578741350039570119606
BIC SWIFT APULIT31XXX (for foreign participants)

Reason for payment: Awards 2016, Name and Surname. Mail.

Or by credit card online on the page dedicated to enrollment on this website.

All rights related to the images entered in the competition remain authors’ property.
The promoter organization reserves the right to reproduce the images presented in the competition only for competition promotional purposes or for educational purposes, in Italy and abroad, or for the FIOF promotion of its events in any form and place, even on web.
It’s authors responsibility to get all the necessary permits for all the photos submitted, including releases for the subjects portrayed, and the eventual permission of the reproduction rights owners (when not owned by the same photographer), in order to take part to the competition and their possible publication, in the events indicated in the previous paragraph. The organization of the competition and the jury director will interpret the rules correct application and will decide on any matter not expressly provided for in this Contest Rules. The decision of the jury is final, but suggestions and comments can be forwarded to the organization. The personal data of the participants, in compliance with national and international laws on privacy, will be used only for organization internal purposes related to the contest. All participants will receive an email notification about the official result. All photos received by the organization of the competition within the deadlines indicated above, will be reviewed by a national jury composed by professional photographers and experts selected by FIOF.

The authors of the photos admitted to the final selection will be notified by email and will withdraw the certificate or the award during the Awards gala dinner, which will be held during the convention MUTAMENTI - OrvietoFotografia 2016 , from February 26 to 28.

For those who love photography and are not afraid of challenges :

1. FIIPA will have a winner
2. Each category FIIPA will have a first , a second and a third place in which they will be " associated " for convenience symbols such as: Gold Award , Silver Award and Bronze Award .
3. Photo deserving will "Additional information"
4. In the various categories will be judged just the individual and not the sum of the various photos submitted by the candidate , as it judges the picture is not the author .
5. In the History section would be useful for a better understanding of the same , a brief description of the intent authorial .

In addition, applicants may send a brief description of your project , a history that indicates how, where and when it was made to

Send us pictures of you four choices by 15 February 2016, and write us to for further info.
Numerous awards will be given, for a total prize of € 10,000.

The overall winner of the professional section will be awarded with a prize of € 2,000 and the prestigious Awards FIOF 2016 with certificate.

The winners of each professional category will be awarded with a professional prize of € 500.
The winners of the gold, silver and bronze will receive during the convention or by mail.

The overall winner of the amateurs section will be awarded with a prize of € 300 and the prestigious Awards FIOF 2016 with certificate.

The overall winners of the students section will be awarded with a prize of € 200 and the prestigious Awards FIOF 2016 with certificate.

The winners of each category of the amateurs and students sections will be awarded with the prestigious Awards FIOF 2016 with certificate.

The winners of the gold, silver and bronze section amateurs and students will receive a certificate

The photography that will obtains the highest score among all those presented, will be awarded with a special mention.

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