Irina Chmyreva,


PhotoVisa, International Festival of Photography, Krasnodar region, Russia


Irina Chmyreva is co-founder and art-director of PhotoVisa, the main and largest international festival of photography in Russia out of Moscow. The annual festival has the exhibition program, portfolio review, multimedia projections, lectures, workshops and presentation of the results of contest, which has the international jury. Every year the festival announces the main theme in spring and open the contest. The events of the festival take place in October in the cities of Krasnodar region near Black sea.

Mrs.Chmyreva is also a writer, curator of exhibitions and researcher. For last eight years she is senior researcher in Russian Academy of Arts, National Institute of Theory and History of Art, Moscow, Russia. From 2011 till 2015 she had a position of senior curator of the Project In Support for Photography in Russia running by IRIS Foundation. Since 2007 she writes a monthly published column in FOTO&video magazine, the only professional paper edition in her country.

In 2012 she was one of the international team of curators of the main program Contemporary Russian Photography at Biennial FotoFest in Houston, USA. She is a member of international editorial board of «European Photography» magazine.
In 2014 she was a jury member of Hasselblad Award. As a photoeditor she was involved into several book projects and published a lot of portfolios in different off-line and on-line resources. She curated more then hundred exhibitions over the world and lectured in many festivals and University degree programs.
She is mostly interested to review the portfolios open the boudaries of photography for multi-media, mixed media experiments; she appreciate to see conceptional projects and the works connected with the history of arts.

Mrs. Chmyreva is looking for work that might be exhibited in PhotoVisa festival and published in resources which she connected with. Because she has a long time experience in curating exhibitions and making books as an editor she can offer an advice how to edit and present the results of the work at the exhibitions and publications.