Giuria FIIPA 2018

FIIPA 2018 Jury


Roberto Colacioppo

Roberto Colacioppo

Anno 2000….. Vincitore Concorso Internazionale M.I.L.K Agency
Presidente Giuria Elliott Erwitt
Partecipanti 17000 fotografi di 164 paesi del mondo 40000 Immagini
Unico vincitore Italiano per la categoria Social Umanity
Mostre fotografiche in tutto il mondo con presentazione Mostra e Libro a New York Luglio 2001 …poi Itinerante Londra Parigi Amsterdam Sidney …ecc…Ero presente a New York

Certificato QIP/QEP MQEP 2016

Gubbio – Cefalù – Catania – Sorrento – VillaPicena – Lanciano

Kodak calendario 2000
Presente con due immagini Wedding

Presente con l’immagine Calendario 2005

Fondazione Mario Negri Sud
Calendari sociali anni 2009/2010/2011 Interamente realizzati

ASL LancianoVasto
Calendari sociali Neonatologia anni 2008/2010

Diversi AWARDS Internazionali

Realizzazione di due film Cortometraggi “Gente Altrove” “Sandali”
Sandali riceve 2 premi in due diversi Contest di Cortometraggi

11 libri fotografici interamente realizzati per Case Editrici
Carsa Edizioni – Carabba – Rivista Abruzzese
Mostre in diverse Città Italiane e Europee
Dal 2009 a oggi eseguo corsi di fotografia Base e Avanzato
Corsi di Fotografia
Liceo Artistico Lanciano – Scuole Elementari Lanciano

Nazario Dal Poz

Nazario Dal Poz

Nazario Dal Poz was born in 1953.
At the age of 20, he began working in “Noi Donne” editorial staff, and here he started developing his passion for photography.
He also works with “Frigidaire” and the first “New Ecology” and he publishes his photos on “L’Illustrazione Italiana” , “L’Espresso” and “L’Europeo”.
In 1985 he joined the photo shoot area of the weekly “L’Espresso” to become, after few years, its person in charge.
Since 2002 he teaches History of photojournalism and editing at “Scuola Romana di Fotografia” and in 2010/2011 he also took a course in editing and photographic language at “Officine Fotografiche”.


Gerard Cimitiere

Gerard Cimitiere

Gerard has been working as a photographer for 45 years.
Over the years he was awarded with prestigious national and international awards.
1977 first regional award for the most beautiful wedding photos in a KODAK photo contest
1978 Golden Mercury Prize awarded by the Minister of Trade and Crafts Jacques Barrot.
1980 National Prize awarded by G.N.P.P. for the portrait “in honor of Nadar”
1980 1st prize in the “Portrait of the Third World” organized by GNPP.
1981 “Salon de la photo” in Paris, winner of an European contest organized on the occasion of the childhood year, with a series of children portraits.
1983 1st prize in a national marriage competition.
1983 1st prize in a national “portraits of children” competition
1990 Master craftsman’s graduation awarded by the President of the Auvergne region: Mr. Valéry Giscard d’Estaing.
Portraitist of France in 1995, 1999 and 2001.
3rd place in the European Agfa contest for the category “Portrait in Black and White” silver and bronze medals in 2002 in Orvieto (Italy) 2006/2008/2010/2012
Gold Lens, portrait category in 2002
France Portraitist in 2009 special excellence mention in the “artistic creation” category
2006 Achievement of QEP Qualification (Qualified European Photographer)

Maria Luisa Dilillo

Artistic education, photographer, teacher and researcher of an artistic language that expands expression versatility belonging to the photographic world.

Her photographic projects speaks about, through images, what man could live in his life by sharing philosophical concepts with a meditative viewer that have always accompanied the growth of human evolution.

Among her professional experiences:

2009/2010: Teacher for “Digital image processing” Course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Foggia

2010/2011: Teacher for “Computer Graphics” Course (MA) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Foggia

2011/2012: Teaching for of Photography and Digital Video Course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari

2011/2012: Professor for a Workshop named “The photographic portrait in Italy: the last 50 years” at the Bielefeld University
Photo exhibition “Uncertain Balance” – 3rd Italian photography Biennial Festival – Bibbiena (Tuscany)
Juror for Portfolio reading at the “Pictures Meetings” of Bibbiena for the “Italian Center of Author Photography ”
– Photo exhibition “Uncertain Balance” – 3rd Italian photography Biennial FEstival – Bibbiena (Tuscany) 012
– Participation in the competition “Competition Print Photo Preyer”
– Participation in the contest “Pet photo Contest 2012”

2012: Winner of “8th Biennial Dicillo” Video section “Stand Up”

2013: FIOF Awards 2013 Juror with Danis Curti (Contrasto) and Francesco Bosso

2014: FIOF Awards 2014 Juror

Vicente Esteban

Vicente Esteban Abad obviously likes bodies and persons. Nude photography, portraits… the people.

Within this forest of individuals and couples, that is to say, of unique or double bodies, alone or in the company of others, the work of Esteban Abad, from Alicante, is getting bigger. With resolve and sense of reality, with patience, with an outstanding touch of generosity towards the others, accumulated in the way he dresses or strips them, always accompanied by the beauty of the best lighting, which emerges from his eye of photographer.

Therefore, it is not surprising that his daily work is basically focused on studio photography, social reportage and nude photography, without excluding other projects related to advertising: catalogues, shoes, accessories, food, etc.

The fusion between the photographic interests of Vicente Esteban and his daily professional activity is so balanced that, occasionally, many of his works become a personal work of art.

Irina Chmyreva

Irina Chmyreva

Art-Director PhotoVisa, International Festival of Photography, Krasnodar region, Russia.

Irina Chmyreva is co-founder and art-director of PhotoVisa, the main and largest international festival of photography in Russia out of Moscow. The annual festival has the exhibition program, portfolio review, multimedia projections, lectures, workshops and presentation of the results of contest, which has the international jury. Every year the festival announces the main theme in spring and open the contest. The events of the festival take place in October in the cities of Krasnodar region near Black sea.

Mrs.Chmyreva is also a writer, curator of exhibitions and researcher. For last eight years she is senior researcher in Russian Academy of Arts, National Institute of Theory and History of Art, Moscow, Russia. From 2011 till 2015 she had a position of senior curator of the Project In Support for Photography in Russia running by IRIS Foundation. Since 2007 she writes a monthly published column in FOTO&video magazine, the only professional paper edition in her country.

In 2012 she was one of the international team of curators of the main program Contemporary Russian Photography at Biennial FotoFest in Houston, USA. She is a member of international editorial board of «European Photography» magazine.
In 2014 she was a jury member of Hasselblad Award. As a photoeditor she was involved into several book projects and published a lot of portfolios in different off-line and on-line resources. She curated more then hundred exhibitions over the world and lectured in many festivals and University degree programs.
She is mostly interested to review the portfolios open the boudaries of photography for multi-media, mixed media experiments; she appreciate to see conceptional projects and the works connected with the history of arts.

Mrs. Chmyreva is looking for work that might be exhibited in PhotoVisa festival and published in resources which she connected with. Because she has a long time experience in curating exhibitions and making books as an editor she can offer an advice how to edit and present the results of the work at the exhibitions and publications.

Enrico Stefanelli

Enrico Stefanelli

Enrico Stefanelli is a photographer and journalist and teaches photography in workshops.
He was the founder and, for 7 years, the artistic director of the international festival of photography and video art “Lucca Photo Fest” which was established in2005 and currently the founder and artistic director of Photolux Festival the new biennial of photography in Lucca. He has conceived “Faces – Portraits in the 20th Century” exhibition and curated several exhibitions at the Lucca Photo Fest such as, 2008 and in 2010 Tim Hetherington “Battle Company”, Gianni Berengo Gardin “L’Aquila”, Nany Fina “Glamour and Fashion”, Fabio Zon ta ” Tras figurazioni”, Rino Barillari “Divas”, Jan Saudek “Il Tea tro Della Vita”, Michel Comte “No t only Women”, Hors t P. Horst and, in 2011, Kenro Izu “Passage through A sia”, VII Agency “VII looks East”, Li Wei “Li Wei: Photography”, Wang Qinsong “The glorious life. Wang Quinsong’s photography 1999-2010”, Jing Queck “Singapore Idols”, Samuel Bourne, Francis Frith’s & Co., Photo Service Delhi “India: gentry and ancient mansions”, Nobuyoshy Araki “Polaroid”, Christopher Thomas “New York sleeps”, Irene Kung “La Città invisibile”, Gergely Szatmàari “Meadowlands”, Boris Mikhailov “Reconstruction”, Joel-Peter Witkin, Ernst Haas “The Creation”, Bettina Rheims “I.N.R.I.”, Kenro Izu “Sacredness”, Andres Serrano “Sacred and Profane”, Aurelio Amendola “San Pietro”, Stanley Greene “Haiti”, David Douglas Duncan “This is Picasso”, Vivian Maier: an itinerary from The United States to Champsaur.

Since 2010 is the Italian curator of Epea, European Photo Exhibition Award.
This is a project for the development of young talents in photography developed in collaboration between four European foundations: Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca (Italy), the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (Portugal), the Fritt Ord Foundation (Norway) and the Körber-Stiftung (Germany).

More info at
He has written articles and contributions on photography for several catalogs, books and magazines.
It been appointed to the expert as for portfolio reviews for:
– Les Rencontres d’Arles – Unique Artistic Director of the Festival to Italy

– CENTER – Santa Fe – Colorado (USA)

– Kaunas Festival – Lithuania

– Lens Culture – Olanda

– Lugano Photo Days – Svizzera

He’s member of the Nominating committee for the Joop Swart Masterclass at World Press Photo Foundation
Currently a member of the international jury of the prize:

andre boto

Andrè Boto

Andrè Boto è un fotografo freelance portoghese.

Da sempre è interessato alle arti in genere e al design, dedicando molto tempo al disegno, ancor prima di sviluppare la sua passione per la fotografia.

Ama Escher, Magritte e Salvador Dalì. Nel 2007 consegue il diploma in Arti Decorative nell’”Istituto Superiore di Educazione” di Beja. Nel 2008 si trasferisce a Lisbona e completa i corsi di Fotografia avanzata (2008) e Fotografia Concettuale (2009, entrambi presso L’Oficina de Imagem di Lisbona. In questo momento si dedica solo alla fotografia.

Premi Principali:

2010 – FEP – Fotografo Europeo dell’anno 2010
2010 – MQEP – Qualifica Europea di Master QEP
2010 – Nomination per Miglior Progetto Fotografico nel “Prémio Autore 2010” SPA/RTP
2010: Master dell’Associazione Portoghese (APPImagem)
2010 – QEP – Qualifica di Fotografo Europeo – Ritratto
2009 – Vincitore nella Categoria Natura nel Contest National GeograPhic (Premio Nazioanle)
2009 – QEP – Illustrazione

renee jacobs

Renée Jacobs

Renée Jacobs è una delle fotografe più famose di nudo femminile del nostro tempo.
Vincitrice del prestigioso International Photography Award for Fine Art Nude, il suo lavoro è stato esposto e pubblicato in tutto il mondo.
I suoi calendari fotografici 2009 e 2010 sono passati al primo posto su Amazon.

Le monografie del suo lavoro includono Werkdruck (2012 / Editions Galerie Vevais, edita e con un’introduzione di Jock Sturges); PARISE di Renée Jacobs (2013 / Editions Galerie Vevais) e Reves de Femmes (2014 / Editions Bessard).

Le riviste che hanno caratterizzato il lavoro di Renée includono Silvershotz, Adore Noir, PH Magazine, Fine Art Photo, Nude Magazine, Photoicon, Foto francese, B & W Magazine, Focus, FHM Turchia e numerosi altri. Le sue interviste a Charis Wilson, Araki, Lillian Bassman, Shelby Lee Adams, Douglas Kirkland e altre sono state pubblicate su riviste di tutto il mondo.

È stata inserita in numerose antologie, come il Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography di Taschen.
Il primo lavoro di fotogiornalismo di Renée includeva incarichi per The New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer e molti altri giornali e riviste. Ha ricevuto il Robert F. Kennedy Award per l’eccezionale copertura dei Disadvanatged e il suo lavoro è nella collezione permanente della Biblioteca presidenziale John F. Kennedy. Il suo primo libro, Slow Burn: A Photodocument of Centralia, Pennsylvania, è stato originariamente pubblicato nel 1986 ed è stato ripubblicato nel 2010 in seguito a recensioni favorevoli su The New York Times Review of Books and photo-eye.

Dopo una deviazione di 15 anni come avvocato per i diritti civili, Renée è tornata alla fotografia.

“Il lavoro di Renée Jacobs sono il risultato di una visione e interpretazione personale delle donne: la forma femminile è il suo taccuino intimo, la vita è un sogno e Renée tratta immagini squisite che sono una festa magica per gli occhi di chi guarda …

[Con il suo lavoro, tu] stai passando davanti a una porta aperta e testimoniando la bellezza … Apparizioni e fantasie, la loro storia è lasciata alla nostra immaginazione …
Sfogliando le pagine, diventi un voyeur, provi un piacere colpevole, léger frisson, intravvedere i momenti privati proibiti. ”
– Douglas e Francoise Kirkland, dall’Introduzione al Reves de Femmes

“Le foto di Renée hanno una combinazione di intensità e onestà che non incontro spesso … Sta facendo le foto perché vuole tenerle fissate nella testa e nel cuore per sempre. Le sue modelle si fidano di lei per dire la verità su di loro. E lei lo fa. . . La verità è ovviamente la metà di lei, una metà che è ricca di ammirazione e affetto. Da parte loro, i modelli sono concessi in licenza al momento di essere – senza limiti o vincoli. Mi sento chiaramente privilegiato di presentarvi questo lavoro come un singolare esempio di ciò che si può ottenere nel mezzo fotografico … ”
– Jock Sturges, dall’introduzione a WERKDRUCK

– Professore John Wood, dall’Introduzione a RENÉE JACOBS ‘PARIGI